Precautions For Use Of Copper Drawing Oil

- Apr 24, 2018-

Precautions for use of copper drawing oil 1, copper wire drawing oil product performance and use range of products to low viscosity lubricants for the base oil, and add a variety of additives prepared.

    and different hardness of water quality into wire, cable industry drawn copper wire lubrication, cooling, cleaning emulsion.

    Product self emulsifying Good, emulsion of copper and other products non-corrosive, with good lubrication and cleaning, fluidity, defoaming.

According to the different hardness of the water quality is divided into: 0, 1, 2, 3rd four specifications.

Copper wire Drawing Oil considerations (1) The use of soft water or tap, the preparation of emulsion liquid oil should be mixed evenly, two hours before the circulation can be used.

(2) In use should pay attention to control the concentration of emulsion, and timely replenishment and replacement of new liquid.

    Emulsion concentration: Magdalene: 11%~15%: 7%~11%: 3%~7% Fine Pull: 1%~2.5% (3) in the drawing of copper wire will have a large number of bronze powder production, and suspension in the emulsion, affecting the emulsion lubrication, cleaning and other properties, should be regularly added Koh aqueous solution or na0h aqueous solution,

    The emulsion ph value is kept above 7.0, and the copper powder and suspended matter are precipitated to ensure the emulsion use effect.

    (4) Emulsion in the use of a certain period of time, the upper part of the emulsion to produce floating material is a normal phenomenon, should be filtered and cleaned in time to ensure that the emulsion clean. (5) The emulsion circulation stirring device shall not be closed during the cut-off period to prevent the emulsion from deteriorating.

    When replacing new oil, be sure to clean the emulsion pool and trench.

    (6) Emulsion use temperature of not more than 40 ℃ appropriate, high-temperature weather should open emulsion refrigeration device to ensure refrigeration effect. (7) The product should be stored at room temperature for a period of 1 years.

    But the continuous high temperature climate or the Southern open storage, should be appropriate to shorten the storage period.

(8) shall not be mixed with the products of its manufacturers. 4, safety and health products non-toxic no smell, no stimulation to the skin, normal use of the human body without adverse effects.