The Importance Of The Ph Value Of Drawing Oil

- Apr 23, 2018-

The ph value of drawing oil is usually decreased in the course of use, the decrease of ph value can cause the rust of drawing oil and the ability of antibacterial. When the concentration meets the requirements, the ph value is not up to the specified value, should be used in time with triethanolamine, sodium carbonate, etc. to improve the ph value of the working fluid and control in the prescribed range.

(Drawing oil) Rust reduction is due to the consumption of rust inhibitor, ph value drop, bacterial reproduction, drawing oil concentration is too low, to address these reasons, such as excessive consumption of anti-rust agent, can also be in the drawing oil working fluid to add rust inhibitor.

(Drawing oil)

Drawing oil percent concentration and ph value per day, the concentration of stability to ensure the lubrication performance of drawing oil, it should be regularly supplemented with new copper drawing oil, the ph value stabilized in 7.0 to 8.0.

When the ph value is less than 7.0, the oil and water in the drawing oil may be separated, and a certain amount of low concentration ph dispensing agent can be added to adjust. However, the high ph value will lead to the tendency of soap analysis, resulting in cone and mold unclean, drawing oil lubrication performance decline.