Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple wire performs even in exceptionally high service temperatures. Our stock of thermocouple wire includes a full range of insulation and conductor types.

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Thermocouple wire allows temperatures to be measured electronically. A typical Thermocouple wire consists of a pair of dissimilar metals that are electrically joined together at the sensing point and connected to a voltage measuring instrument at the other end. When one junction is hotter than the other, a thermal “electromotive” force (in millivolts) is produced that is roughly proportional to the difference in temperature between the hot and cold junctions.

Thermocouple wire stocks a wide variety of common thermocouple constructions and can design a custom thermocouple cable to meet your specific need. Some of the most common thermocouple types Pelican Wire provides J, K, T, and E.

Common Insulations for Thermocouple wires

A typical Thermocouple wire construction consists of a pair of wires, one positive conductor and one negative conductor, that are both insulated and then laid together in a parallel fashion with a protective jacket over the single legs. Pelican Wire can extrude, tape, wrap, serve, and braid various insulation materials on thermocouple wire (See insulation chart). Pelican Wire also has the capability of jacketing a wire with extremely heat resistance materials which sets us aside from other Thermocouple wire manufacturers. Our insulation temperature ratings vary from 100°C to 1200°C (2200°F). Most insulated Thermocouple wire constructions can be identified by their jacket color or tracer.

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Production flow of Thermocouple Wire





1.What is your delivery date?

A:The delivery date is about 5-7 days after receipt of payment.

2.What are your payment terms?

A:30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

3.Can you send free samples?

A:Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the shipping cost.


Our usual packaging ways for Thermocouple Wire are as followings, OR it can be as customer's request.


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